SIMOC 2022 Registration

Singapore Candidates

Registration Deadline: 21st June 2022
Contest Dates: 17th July 2022
Contest Venue: Online
Contest Time: 10 am to 6 pm


In view of Covid-19, SIMOC 2022 will be hosted ONLINE this year and there are around 18,000 students qualified for the contest from the above International Local competitions.
This year, we have increased enrolment to 2,500 (15%) of the award winners globally can register for SIMOC based on first-come, first-serve basis. So, hurry before we reach our capacity and we cannot take in any more contestants, even if you are a Perfect Scorer.

IJHS Benefit
All 2020/2021 IJHS members are entitled to 20% discount on the training.

2nd or more children Benefit
All 2nd or more children register for SIMOC 2022 will entitle to 25% discount for each child on the training.

We are introducing the above benefits to support IJHS members and families supporting their children for scholastic pursuits.

Both discounts apply for the IJHS and 2nd child, who will get a 45% discount for training.

Please email your registration confirmation email and Stripe receipt to our finance ( for your refund after you have registered.

How to register

  1. Click here to register as Singapore candidate. 
  2. Check your email inbox.
    Your registration is successfully completed ONLY when you receive the Registration confirmation email and Stripe receipt.
    Please contact us at if you have any issue.

*Important Note: 

Overseas Candidates

Please contact your respective country partner for registration details.