Mind Sports

This is a one-hour activity where each team (same team as Math Master Mind), will be
given 8 puzzles to solve.

Mind Sports instructional video: https://youtu.be/352eSHaXtu8


Math Master Mind will be team-based and all answers will be entered into our Online
Contest System (OCS). No points will be given for unanswered questions and wrong

Each team of maximum 9 students will be put into 1 breakout room. Each team will choose one person to be the leader to log into OCS to input their answers. The leader will share his/her screen to show the questions to the team to allow for discussion.

Each question will present five numbers: one in the centre and four at the four corners, as shown in the example below

The team will have to use the surrounding four numbers and the four operations (+,-, x, ÷) to form an equation equating to the middle number. For example, the following equation can be from the question in the above example: (5+3)x2 =16 or (5+3)+4×2 = 16 or (5-3)x4x2 = 16

After deciding on the answer, the leader will enter the full mathematical statement into OCS. After answering all the questions, the leader will click on the ‘Finish’ button on the bottom right corner on the screen to submit all their answers.

Instructional video for Math Master Mind: https://youtu.be/CL9wzCJxgCA